2017 Time Trial events are announced

Spring (and twigs, small children and sheep) are in the air and it’s time to think about this year’s Banbury Star time trial calendar and the all-important marshal roster that we all know and love.

Follow the link below and then click on “View the 2017 TT calendar and marshal roster” and all will be revealed.

The more observant will note:

– there are no marshals/pusher names yet populated. That’s because I’m waiting a few more weeks until the final membership rejoin phase is complete. There’s no escaping duties this year by joining late and if you do manage to slip through the net then your name is first on the 2018 list 🙂 The good thing is you should, with luck, only have to marshal or push on one evening and the roster will be done in alphabetical order. As always, if your marshal duties clash with holidays etc it will be your responsibility to negotiate a swap with someone else.

– Keri will be away watching men play with their muddy balls for a few weeks and so the names of the alternative timekeepers who volunteered back in November when his jolly was announced have been retained. Note, if you do time keep then you won’t have to marshal this year.

– one course has been dropped, the Greatworth N17/10, as it was considered to be just too dangerous to run safely due to potholes, HGVs and farm vehicles. It’s been substituted with a re-run of the popular Chippy 10.

– this year, an alternative course has been identified for each of the primary routes and this approach has been agreed with both CTT and the police. This is a Plan B in case we suffer a repeat of the roadworks of 2016 where at least 5 TTs were the victims of traffic lights. The decision to swap will be made 24-48 hours before the Wednesday and announced here and on the website. Some of the reserve courses need earlier start times as we’ll use the 30 mile course.

– the “come and try” 5 mile events that bookend the season need to be promoted by us all. Please let your friends, colleagues and family know and as anyone who did this last September will remember, a certain someone even did it on an MTB.