Wednesday’s time trial preview

It’s the Manners Cup time trial this Wednesday which uses a combination of voodoo, black magic, blind faith and guestimation to calculate a handicap time based on an alogorithm that’s so complicated that when it was shown to Professor Stephen Hawking for approval he took one look at it and went back to studying the dawn of creation which apparently is easier to grasp.

We will be racing once more on the 25 mile K4/25W course just north of Banbury, wearing a grove in the Warwick Road some of which has to be negotiated four times in total. Whilst Mike Gillett will be flexing his not-inconsiderable biceps to launch each rider, marshals Ken Hall and Team Cherwell will attempt to keep us on the right route.

The race HQ will be at the Herb Centre lay-by with signing-on open between 1800-1840. Please familiarise yourselves with the course, especially which roundabout in Banbury feature’s the u-turn.

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