Weekend rides 3/4 November

It’s November which means mudguards become the norm for all club rides from now on until the clocks change again. The only exception to this will be if the roads are dry to start with and no rain is forecast for our area. Looking at the weather app shows that Saturday is going to be dry but Sunday isn’t – no excuses not to guard up unlike George and the rest of the riders in this particularly muddy Roubaix race.

Saturday 10am Gentle Cafe Ride: The 12-14mph average speed Gentle Cafe Ride is going out to Kineton and returning via Lady Elizabeth Hill where you’ll soon burn off the cake calories.

Saturday 10am Intermediate Ride: The same coffee and cake stop in Kineton but a faster average of 15-16mph over a longer route of 33.5 miles.

Sunday Long Intermediate and Fast Rides 9am: The long intermediate and fast rides are trying a new route – The Four Cols, as part of a 58 mile route. You can expect an average for the former of 16-17mph and the latter 18mph+ over the 50 miles, if all agree the pace may be even higher. Neither of these rides will be stopping for coffee.

Sunday 10am Intermediate Ride: The second Sunday intermediate is Cotswolds-bound, stopping at Chadlington for coffee and cake. Expect 16mph average speed over the 36.3 mile ride.

All rides meet at Broadribb cycles 15 minutes before the departure time. It’s important you pick a ride that’s commensurate with your ability levels.

General information about club rides

Ride rules, protocol and small print which is important to read