Aug 5th TT preview: “Home Sweet Home”

It’s been worth the wait, and like all good things what you’ve been waiting for doesn’t come along in ones, twos or even threes but four. Yes, we have four consecutive weeks of time trials on our most popular course, the K4/20 loop just outside Banbury (for the uninitiated that’s 20km and not 20 miles). Please note the earlier start time of 6.30pm due to the shortening evenings.

No parking here!


Race Registration

Only riders who have pre-registered will be able to race, for this season we cannot accept on the evening entries. The link to register is at the bottom of this page. Registration closes at 5pm on the Tuesday and we will be sending out an email later that evening to let entrants know if they have been successful (in case of over subscription) and also their start number. This is our most popular course and we are likely to fill all 60 starting places very quickly so early registration is strongly recommended.


Race HQ

Race number collection starts from 5.30pm in the layby on the A422 Statford Road located approximately 500m after the exit of Wroxton village when heading northbound and closes at 6.10pm with the first rider off at 6.31pm. Please note there are no toilets available here. It is mandatory for all riders and officials to maintain a 2m social distancing gap from everyone else at all times. No competitor cars are to be left in the layby, you must pay, collect your race number and then drive on.

Please remember that for 2020 a working rear light is mandatory, no light = no start and will be strictly enforced.


Additional Parking

For 2020 no competitors are allowed to park in Ludlow Drive. We have secured the use of the car parks of both Wroxton House Hotel and Wroxton Village Hall with kind permission from the owners and there will be a £1 charge which is payable at the same time as race fee payment to cover our costs.

Race Officials

Timekeepers: Keri Williams and Oli Wright
Pusher: n/a
Marshals: Sam Wootton, Deb Simpkins, Sarah Shepherd, Kim Shaw


Race Route

After a standing start, the course takes riders on a 3 mile gradual incline up the Warwick Road where prevailing headwinds call for careful energy management to avoid peaking too early. A left turn is then made at the National Herb Centre, if you suddenly find yourself doing 45mph you’ve missed that turn and have gone down Warmington Hill instead. Follow Camp Lane to its end where you reach the highest point on the race and again turn left at what is the top of Edge Hill and then be prepared for a road of two halves, the wonderful smooth tarmac before the village and the new surface dressing afterwards. On reaching the A422 Stratford road competitors turn left where that previous outbound headwind will hopefully make for a very fast tailwind all the way to the finish line in Drayton. Of course it wouldn’t be a Banbury Star time trial without a sting in the tail and that’s provided by the short climb out of Wroxton just before the end.

Course records

DateNameTime Club
12 Aug 2009Jon Simpkins00:26:56MBSCC
15 May 2019Dan Bigham00:24:42MTeam Ribble Cycles
15 May 2019Charlie Quarterman00:24:42MHoldsworth Zappi
10 Jul 2019Naomi de Pennington00:30:32FBSCC
26 Aug 2015Kate McNeill00:29:41FNon-BSCC
30 Aug 2017Reuben Trotter00:30:16M U18BSCC
26 Apr 2017Lydia Watts00:33:51F U18BSCC
5 Aug 2020Millie Couzens00:31:03F U18Non-BSCC

For this season we will have a new road bike category for competition, any road bike can be used but to qualify neither it, nor the rider can have aero aids such as tri-bars, disc wheels, pointy helmet or a helmet with a visor etc.


Entry fees

For 2020 all riders who have to pay will do so by contactless means at the race HQ before collecting their number (debit card, credit card, Apply Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay), no cash or IOUs accepted!

Banbury Star first and second claim members: £3
Team Cherwell members: paid by club
Other guests: £5



To manage the demand for our events and provide a smoother, faster sign-on process all competitors must now pre-register to take part

By completing this form you must read and then carry out what you are signing up to. We expect the highest standards of rider behaviour throughout the event to ensure that not only do you not compromise the image of Banbury Star CC and our sport but in addition you remain compliant to the rules/regulations and Covid Risk Assessment issued by CTT and also the Coronavirus legislation regarding gatherings. C