The Cycling Widow’s Revenge

An anonymous female member gives her account of The Cycling Widow’s Revenge I wonder what it is that drives otherwise bright, intelligent and reasonable men-of-a-certain-age to develop an obsession with dressing in what can only be described as obscene lycra garments and travelling around the countryside with groups of like-minded ‘sheep-scarers’? Yes, you can probably[…]

2017 time trial #11 :K4/25W

Fourteen year old Toby Heron wins the Manners Handicap 25 mile TT Following on from father Lee’s Friswell Cup win two weeks ago, young Toby Heron put in an amazing performance to win the annual Banbury Star CC Manners Handicap Cup. He beat guesting pro-rider George Fowler (CatfordCC/Banks), who along with several other riders started[…]