A time keepers observations

The club’s illustrious TT time keeper Keri Williams, now rested from his 2019 season, has sat down and compiled this light hearted commentary on some of the people that took part and made it happen. Just completing our yearly time trial review, it occurs to us that some non-racers may appreciate a “who’s who” on[…]

Seven Cols Ex-Strava-ganza.

Keri Williams created it and a few of you have ridden it and now member Mike Kirby gives a great account of his recent 7 Cols ride, as well as his views on Strava. I chased my first ever Strava segment last week. The ‘segment’ in question was the (in)famous 7 Cols ride, devised by[…]

Turbo trainers – love them or hate

Club ride leader Andy Perry writes another blog, this time on the merits of a smart turbo trainer But, but, but; riding a turbo is boring? Yes, it sure can be, but it’s a means to an end and with everything you can now do with smart trainers, even the boredom has lessened. Also remember[…]

A tale of summer obsession

Member Mike Kirby gives an amusing account of his obsession with time trialling It generally starts about 5 days before. Flick open the lap top. Click on BBC weather. Ok, so, next Wednesday: Wind speed, direction, temperature. Great, wind from the South West, which should blow hard at my back all the way up to[…]

Weekend rides 14/15 July

The Tour de France has started and produced some great racing already, the good weather is set to continue this weekend and we’ve got a bunch of rides planned to get you all out on your bikes and enjoy our beautiful corner of the world Saturday 10am Gentle Cafe Ride: The 13mph average speed Gentle[…]

A thoroughly modern puncture

Member Kevin Zwolinski tells an amusing story about punctures, tubeless tyres and getting covered in goo. Landed into Heathrow from a long haul flight earlier than scheduled on a recent Saturday; straight through passport control (the electronic checkers were all working!); bags nearly the first through; on M25 almost an hour earlier than expected.  Hang[…]