Seven Cols Ex-Strava-ganza.

Keri Williams created it and a few of you have ridden it and now member Mike Kirby gives a great account of his recent 7 Cols ride, as well as his views on Strava. I chased my first ever Strava segment last week. The ‘segment’ in question was the (in)famous 7 Cols ride, devised by[…]

Turbo trainers – love them or hate

Club ride leader Andy Perry writes another blog, this time on the merits of a smart turbo trainer But, but, but; riding a turbo is boring? Yes, it sure can be, but it’s a means to an end and with everything you can now do with smart trainers, even the boredom has lessened. Also remember[…]

A tale of summer obsession

Member Mike Kirby gives an amusing account of his obsession with time trialling It generally starts about 5 days before. Flick open the lap top. Click on BBC weather. Ok, so, next Wednesday: Wind speed, direction, temperature. Great, wind from the South West, which should blow hard at my back all the way up to[…]

Weekend rides 14/15 July

The Tour de France has started and produced some great racing already, the good weather is set to continue this weekend and we’ve got a bunch of rides planned to get you all out on your bikes and enjoy our beautiful corner of the world Saturday 10am Gentle Cafe Ride: The 13mph average speed Gentle[…]

A thoroughly modern puncture

Member Kevin Zwolinski tells an amusing story about punctures, tubeless tyres and getting covered in goo. Landed into Heathrow from a long haul flight earlier than scheduled on a recent Saturday; straight through passport control (the electronic checkers were all working!); bags nearly the first through; on M25 almost an hour earlier than expected.  Hang[…]