Time Trialling

Time Trials under Covid-19

Until further notice we have had to introduce many changes to the way we conduct our time trials, the new procedures can be found here. It is essential all competitors familiarise themselves with the way they’re now run.

The racing season opens with our ‘Open’ Hardriders time trial in early March on a challenging 23 mile course, which includes the 17% Sunrising hill. It’s a great test of winter fitness training and attracts national champions.

Wednesday evening club time trials

From late March until September the club organises a series of hotly-contested time trials, taking place every Wednesday evening over a range of courses from a 5 mile “come and try” dash up to a 30 mile endurance event on local routes with several trophies awarded to the season’s winners. Some time trials are “two-up” races where you race with a partner, in theory sharing the burden of being on the front. In addition to these events, our local hills feature in the club’s uphill and downhill challenges.

Representatives from other clubs including Team Cherwell, Mercedes-AMG Petronas and A5 Rangers compete in inter-club races.

View the 2020 TT results spreadsheet (each TT event is an individual tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)

View the entire 2020 TT season in one big spreadsheet

View the 2020 TT calendar and marshal roster

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So what is a time trial?

A time trial is the purest and simplest form of cycle racing, it’s you, your bike and a clock against which you are competing. You start at one minute intervals with seeding carefully computed using a top-secret algorithm known only to our official timekeeper. Club members take it in turns during the season with marshal duties, helping at road junctions and as the start line pusher.

Who can time trial?

Our time trials are open to all club members and guests alike. A small fee is payable to cover affiliation subscriptions which is £5 for guests and £3 for club members who didn’t chose the TT upgrade option when joining Banbury Star

What do I need?

A bike (fitted with a rear light) and a helmet is all you need! Some riders use their standard road bikes, often fitting clip-on aerobars for improved aerodynamics, and others will turn up on high-end time trial bikes, complete with skin suits, shoe covers and aero helmets in their quest to shave seconds off their times. Banbury Star CC also recommend riders fit a front light to their bikes.

What else do I need to know that’s new for 2020?

At their 2019 AGM, the National body for time trialling in the UK, CTT, passed two new 2020 regulations that riders must comply with:

14. Competitor’s Machine

(i) No competitor shall be permitted to start either a Type A or Type B event unless such competitor has affixed to the rear of their machine a working rear red light, either flashing or constant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible to other road users.

19. Awareness of Surroundings

(a)  Competitors must not use  ANY audio equipment except prescribed hearing aids.

The full set of 2020 regulations can be viewed here.

We anticipate that this year’s events will be even more popular than last year and so it was decided at the AGM that rider sign in will have to be NO LATER than 20 mins before each event… you have to give the time keeper that 20 minutes to set the field, give numbers out and get the riders to the start line on time.

In order to help this process though, we will also continue pre-registration which will allow riders to pre-notify the time keeper on the day of each race, that you will be riding and he will allocate you a number slot.NOTE … you will still have to sign on 20 minutes before start time but it is hoped that the more in place before sign on, the more chance he has of getting everyone away on time and the less stress for him!

The process will be that on race days, Keri Williams will post on the Banbury Star Facebook page a race confirmation … anyone knowing 100% that they will be racing, should say so by commenting on that post and he will then pre-include you on his start sheet.

This will only apply to events that he is timekeeping and again, you will STILL have to sign on 20 minutes before race start time.

No shows or late signers in will be duly punished!

How to marshal?

All club members are expected to help run our time trials so we’ve produced a handy guide to help those who’ve never done it before or maybe need a quick refresher on what’s expected of them to ensure the event they’re helping to run passes smoothly and safely. The guide can be found here.


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