Boxing Day rides

It’s a little known fact that Boxing Day is so called not because of the traditional gift of money given to one’s manservant but actually to celebrate the day when the relatives who have stayed with you over the festive season (and in the process eating you out of house and home) start kick boxing each other over who gets first dibs on the final bottle of medium-sweet sherry they’ve somehow found in your secret stash.

No doubt, you’ll be suffering from a bad case of cabin fever at this point: you’ve fed and watered them for what feels like weeks and all whilst having to suffer Auntie Ethel letting rip with her frequent sprout gas – so deadly that UN arms inspectors would usually immediately declare her backside to be a weapon of mass destruction and set a no-fly zone over the house.

But have no fear dear member, for Banbury Star has a post-Christmas present in the form of not one but two Boxing Day rides for you to work off the excesses of the previous day and enjoy a temporary reprieve from the aforementioned overstayers.

Of course it’s a Monday so there are no bonus points for turning up at the Dog & Gun on the Sunday and being the laughing stock of those revellers who are just leaving the pub after an extended Christmas Eve libation.

So the final 0830 ride of the year heads deep into the Cotswolds to take in part of the Broughton Castle sportive route for a leg and lung-busting 71 miles. Ride leader required please.

However if your single-handed attempt to scale the north face of the drinks cabinet has left you feeling slightly less chipper than usual then you may be tempted with the 10am ride instead, going to the Chandlers Arms in Epwell where a hair of the dog may be just what you require.

Whichever ride you go for, ride safely and thank you for taking part in club rides this year for which the ride leaders should take a bow as they’ve done a great job as ambassadors for Banbury Star and whose efforts go largely unrecognised.

Our 125th anniversary year draws to a close with a healthy and ever-growing membership which sets us up well for an even-better 2017.