Two-up time trial preview

So the first time trial of the 2017 season was a (chilly) success and we now look forward to the resumption of business around our most popular course – the 12.4m/20km.

As it’s the two-up event it offers the rare opportunity when you can pair with a considerably faster rider for a free tow around and then bask in the reflected glory of loads of Strava PBs without even having to break into a sweat.

Of course, partners aren’t essential to take part in this and you can either ride solo if you want to prove you’re proper hard or if you’re daft enough to trust to his whims Keri the timekeeper will also happily match people up. Don’t say you weren’t warned though 🙂

Sign-on at Ludlow Drive starts from 5.30pm onwards with the first pairing departing an hour later. Chris Bagnall and Keith Barcock will be ably performing pushing and marshaling duties.

For more information please look at the time trial section of the club’s website: