Wednesday’s time trial preview

It’s a return to the joys of skinsuits, aero rims, TT bikes and shaven ear lobes this week following the success of the Athlete’s time trial last Wednesday which saw a record field race around the 20k course in near perfect conditions with Suzy Patience beating her own club record by a couple of seconds.

Once again it’s a 6pm sign-on at Ludlow Drive but with Keri doing his bit for Anglo-French relationships at the base camp of Mont Ventoux (that will teach them not to vote for us in the Eurovision song contest!) Bill Ord and John Tustian have stepped up to be the temporary custodians of the chronograph. You can really help them with the smooth running by turning up no later than 6.30pm and with the right money if you have to pay as Bill is more likely to lend money to Zimbabwe than give credit on the night.

As well as Bill and John, we will be marshalled around by a combination of Liam Fishwick, Team Cherwell and Darrel Foulk

There is the possibility of roadworks and temporary traffic lights on the Warwick Road at the new housing estate just before the start line so please get through those with plenty of time to spare to avoid missing your start time.

For those who don’t know the course: