Wednesday’s time trial preview

This week’s TT sees our good friends from the A5 Rangers leave their Towcester flatlands and head to Banburyshire to join the massed ranks of BSCC and Team Cherwell for an interclub race on the K4/10C1 “Boyles 10” course out in Tysoe.

It was a new course for 2016 following the loss of the previous Warwick Road 10m because of the Gaydon road changes and became an immediate success with forty entries on the night so the route has been retained for 2017 to which we pay a return visit in August.

Due to the popularity and the limited off-road space around the start line, please be considerate to the residents and other road users by parking in the village itself – there is a car park adjacent to the old fire station and there’s plenty of other on-road parking. Sign-on will take place at the start line from 1800 onwards and will close at approximately 1830 and as always it’s £2 for BSCC members who haven’t paid the time trial supplement and £3 for non-members.

Roger Gollicker will be assisting Keri with the watches whilst Moira Goodway and Team Cherwell will be pushing and marshalling but it’s worth being familiar with the course as we wouldn’t like a repeat of last year when someone managed to get lost by taking a wrong turn. If you aren’t racing but would like to help by marshalling please do come along and let Keri know.

The race committee are currently locked away in the Banbury Star bunker trying to decide a points scoring methodology but an insufficient number of un-webbed fingers and toes means they are unable to publish the formula which will be used to determine the eventual winner. They reconvene tomorrow to come up with something more predictable that doesn’t involve inside leg measurements, wind direction and a Ouija board.