2017 time trial #11 :K4/25W

Fourteen year old Toby Heron wins the Manners Handicap 25 mile TT

Following on from father Lee’s Friswell Cup win two weeks ago, young Toby Heron put in an amazing performance to win the annual Banbury Star CC Manners Handicap Cup. He beat guesting pro-rider George Fowler (CatfordCC/Banks), who along with several other riders started on scratch, by 1m 20s after handicaps had been applied. This was only the second time Toby had ridden this distance in competition and managed to shave over 6 minutes of his previous best.

Regular time keeper Keri Williams has his own secret formula for applying riders’ handicaps and again he proved he’d got it about right with all 22 riders achieving some fairly close nett times over the demanding and windblown 25 mile course.

Results (N = nett, S = scratch)

  1. Toby Heron 56m 05s (N), 2. George Fowler 57m 25s (S), 3. Chris Bagnell 59m 13s (N), 4. Darren Alexander 1h 00m 05s (S), 5. Ian Maconnachie 1h 00m 54s (N), 6. Simon Kisley 1h 01m 40s (S), 7. Jonathon Ward 1h 01m 51s (N), 8. Naomi de Pennington 1h 01m 56s (N), 9. Mike Kirby 1h 02m 14s (N), 10. Lee Heron 1h 02m 40s (S)