Silverstone 9up Team Time Trial

Two Banbury Star CC teams compete at the Silverstone 9up Team Time Trial

Held on the iconic Silverstone F1 Grand Prix circuit, Banbury Star CC entered men’s and a mixed team in last Friday’s annual 9up team time trial. Organised by Bicester Millennium CC, a total of 81 teams from a wide area, including two hand cycle teams, tackled 3 laps of the windblown GP circuit, a distance of approximately 11 miles, with the first 5 riders over the line setting a time.

First off were the mixed team, which had to include a minimum of three women, (Lydia Watts, Carmen Hancock and Naomi de Pennington) two of whom had to make the finish. Whilst many teams competing dropped riders along the way, they all finished together in a time of 26m 31s, which put them 5th out of the 13 mixed teams. The men who followed them however weren’t so lucky, losing their strongest rider, Jon Parker, on the first lap with a puncture, and then dropping two riders on the final lap. The 6 finishing riders crossed the line with a time of 27m 45s. The winning men’s time was 21m 39s and the mixed team time 24m 14s.

Men’s Team.   Paul Dean, Jon Parker, Ian Maconnachie, Stuart Quick, Mike Hicks, Geoff Hewett, Rich Collier, Mike Drago, Gregor Kelling

Mixed Team.   Lydia Watts, Carmen Hancock, Naomi de Pennington, Tim Butt, Mark Boyles, Lee Heron, Simon Kisley, Ruben Trotter, William Peel-Yates