Wednesday’s time trial preview

We celebrate the longest day of the year with the longest time trial of the year so after rising at some ungodly hour to participate in a pagan sunrise celebration at Stonehenge you’ll no doubt want to dash back and compete for the Edmunds Cup on the K4/30 course which we tried for the first time last year. There are only three turns to make but they are spread far and wide so please familiarise yourself with the route beforehand.

Our Timekeeper will be Dave Pittman and hopefully assisted by A N Other, with Team Cherwell, Chris Bagnell and Geoff Hewett helping marshal. It is possible that traffic lights will be on the course around Swacliffe due to ongoing water works. If so, one of the marshals will be checking everyone observes them and also recording stop/start times which will be subtracted from the overall time. Please check the Facebook group for any last minute changes.

Parking is limited around the start line so it’s recommended to leave cars either in Swacliffe or Tadmarton village, but please be respectful to the residents. Sign-on will be at the start line from 1800 with the first rider leaving at 1901.

Keri won’t be with us but will no doubt be wishing each and every starter to “do a good ride”.