Wednesday’s time trial preview

A double ascent of Edge Hill as part of last week’s TT – things can only get easier, surely? Well after last week’s efforts which saw 22 riders attempt the club’s “Hilly 15”, this week we will be wearing grooves into the Warwick Road by competing for the Russell Memorial Bowl which is awarded to the fastest club rider on the K4/25W course. No handicap times, just a straight race to the trophy which was won by Simon Kisley in 2016.

Oli Wright will be in charge this week as Keri Williams remains absent doing something involving hakas and kiwis with Rich Jennings and Gregor Kelling on marshal duties. The signing-on ritual will be from 6-6.30pm at the B4100 Herb Centre lay by and the first rider leaves at 1901. For non-members the cost is a mere £3, not even the price of a pint, and twice as healthy. Allegedly.

PS a small hill is involved so be like Ila in the photo above and enjoy the exertion. It’s only sweat after all…..