2017 time trial #15 K4/25W

Simon Kisley wins the Russell Memorial Bowl         

Another warm summer evening greeted the 23 riders who turned up to compete in one of Banbury Star’s longer and tougher time trials, the 25 mile Russell Memorial Bowl event. Visiting rider Stephan Van Brummelen, competing in his first Star TT, set the fastest time of 58m.24s. However, second placed Simon Kisley, the first club rider home, claimed the Memorial Bowl to add to the 30 mile TT Edmunds Cup he won a fortnight ago.

Only two women riders, Kim Shaw and Naomi de Pennington, competed in this tough event, but both set excellent times with Naomi setting a new women’s course record of 1h.09m.08s. That’s Naomi’s second club record in the last couple of weeks.


  1. Stephan Van Brummelen 0:58:24, 2.Simon Kisley 0:59:48, 3.Darren Alexander 1:00:02, 4.Lee Heron 1:01:55,  5.Luke Sherlock 1:02:29,  6.Mark Boyles 1:03:10,  7.Stuart Quick 1:04:12, 8.Roger Foster 1:05:02,  9.Jack Smith 1:08:07,  10.Ian Maconnachie 1:08:09

The full results for both last night and the entire season can be found here