2017 time trial #21 K4/20 2Up

Carpenter and Heaney improve to finish first

The second of Banbury Star’s 2Up TT events took place on Wednesday evening on the regular 20km/13mile course. Riding in pairs and taking it in turns to lead at the front and set the pace, times are generally faster. The club attracted an entry of 15 teams, who in dry conditions enjoyed a welcome tail wind on the slightly inclined outward leg.

After finishing 6th earlier in the season, Blaine Carpenter and Ben Heaney, knocked over 2m.30s. off their previous time to finish first, just 12 seconds ahead of the mixed pairing of Jonathon Ward and Corrine Moss, with club President Paul Dean and Simon Bull third. The first all women team, Heidi Yates and Kim Shaw finished 8th.

In addition to the 2Up teams, 9 riders elected to ride solo and Billy Leason set another blistering pace to get so close to his goal of getting under 27 minutes, with a time of 27.01.

2Up Results

1.Blaine Carpenter / Ben Heaney: 31.08,   2. Jonathon Ward / Corrine Moss: 31.20,  3.Paul Dean / Simon Bull: 31.45,  4. Marcus Gaskell / Darren Alexander: 32.14,   5.Lee & Toby Heron: 32.42,  6. Debbie Honour / Ian Murray: 33.42,  7.Rich Collier / Pete Belsey: 34.46, 8.Heidi Yates / Kim Shaw: 35.06, 9. Sam Wootton / Josh Knight: 35.07, 10. Liam Fishwick / Chris Cappelli: 35.38,