Weekend rides 12/13 Aug

Not one, not two, not three but four rides this weekend – and on one of them you don’t even need to break into a sweat. Yes, it’s the return of the hotly-contested (by the FLABs) downhill freewheel competition where there’s only one rule: no pedalling is allowed. Anything else goes, be it TT bikes, aero helmets, skinsuits or rucksacks filled with bricks. The real hardcore competitors are in training on the Friday night at the club’s BBQ in their quest for marginal gains which will get them over the Hempton Hump and onwards to victory.

Saturday 10am: Andy is taking the gentle cafe ride on a meander of 28 miles at 12-14mph which will feature a half-time coffee and cake break.

Saturday 2pm
This is the big one. Meet at the top of Hempton Hill, which can be found by clicking here. The wise will turn up 30 minutes before the official start to ensure their body waxing has produced the ultimate aerodynamic benefit with a couple of trial runs.

Sunday 9am: Ian Mac will be taking the 18mph fast ride out to Gaydon and Kineton for 54 fast miles.

Sunday 10am John and Bill’s Intermediate ride (16mph) heads out to Canons Ashby as part of this 39 mile loop.

Here is some general information about club rides

It’s important to read the ride rules, protocol and small print which is found by clicking this.