Trinders Trophy Downhill Freewheel Competition

Ian Maconnachie claims the Trinders Downhill Freewheel Competition

Fourteen riders turned up on Saturday afternoon to try and wrestle the Trinders Trophy from reigning champion Tom Giddings. Held on a quiet downhill section of road in Hempton, the trick with this event is trying to get enough speed on the first section to be able to crest the mid, slightly uphill, section. If you can achieve this, then you’re in the ball park for a good run. No pedalling is allowed on this event and it’s won on distance, not time. Around half of the field made it over the crest, with Club Secretary Ian Maconnachie, beating Tom Giddings by around 8 metres with Paul Dean in third place.

A special thank you must go to our enthusiastic lady marshals and Lydia’s Mum who provided home-made flap jacks to all the competitors.



                                 The competitors, minus Lee Heron and Mark Boyles, who were already off cycling to Witney for a 10 mile TT