2017 time trial #23 K4/20

Leason finishes the season clearly on top

A regular competitor at Banbury Star’s 20km time trials, Billy Leason again won, what was the last TT of the season on this popular, but demanding course, which attracted an excellent 35 rider entry. He won the first event at the beginning of April in a time of 28m.15s. but his final win knocked over a minute off this time at 27m.04s. Behind Leason, Darren Alexander, Dan Pebody and Lee Heron all managed to get around the course in less than 30 minutes, while many others set personal bests. A close battle amongst the women saw Debbie Honour claim victory with a time of 35m.40s.



1.Billy Leason: 27.04, 2. Darren Alexander: 29.05, 3. Dan Pebody: 29.47, 4.Lee Heron: 29.59,  5.Stuart Quick: 30.14, 6. Reuben Trotter: 30.16, 7. Jonathon Ward: 30.48, 8. Ian Murray: 30.54, 9. Roger Foster: 31.36, 10. Blaine Carpenter: 31.51,