The last 2017 club time trial

It only seems like yesterday that we were making the long trek out to Gaydon for the first of the season’s 5 mile time trials, the “Come and Try It” event. Blink and you’ve missed the other 24 time trials we’ve run since that overcast evening which leaves one more and it repeats the very first one: same time, same location, same route.

The route is one of the flattest we race on which is good for those who are trying a time trial for the first time, it’s not just open to Banbury Star, we welcome non-members as well who pay just £3 for the privilege of riding themselves almost to a standstill all in the name of fun.

We will use the car park shown on the map below just off the B4100 before Gaydon (having lost the previous closed road thanks to Mr Angry) for sign-on purposes which starts from 5.15pm and the first rider leaves just after 6pm.

The route:

Edit: Garmin have totally screwed up their mapping function and how embedded maps display on websites.

For more information please go to the TT section of the club site, here.

Gaydon TT car park location