TT #2 K4/20 Two-up on Wednesday

After the chilly introduction to the 2018 time trial season on the 5 mile course out at Gaydon, it’s now your opportunity to pair up with someone much quicker for a free tow around our favourite K4/20 course in the two-up event where previously, life-long friendships have been torn asunder with accusations of shortened turns on the front and not putting the proverbial shoulder to the wheel. And then there’s the potential snigger factor as Ludlow Drive’s massed ranks have silently wished the timekeeper will announce couplings such as “Allcock and Noble”….

So what will 2018 hold in stall? Meet at Ludlow Drive from 1730 when sign-on opens, closing promptly at 1810 exactly for an 1830 start. It will be possible to pre-register on the club’s Facebook group. If unpartnered you can ride the event solo, or place your fate in the hands of thee timekeeper allowing himto show-off his speed dating prowess if you are feeling particularly brave. The entry is a mere £2 for club members and £4 for non-members.

The timekeeper is Keri Williams, pusher is Marcus Gaskell with Stephen Rooney, Tom Hill and Team Cherwell acting as marshals.

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