Club quarterly meeting tonight

It’s the spring club quarterly meeting this evening, taking place at Wroxton Sports Club at 7.30pm to which all members are invited to attend.


1) Adoption of the minutes from the October 2017 Quarterly Meeting
2) Matters arising
3) President’s introduction/summary by Paul Dean
4) Notices by Club Secretary
5) Membership and renewal status by Membership Secretary
6) Club finance status by Treasurer
7) Press report by Press Secretary
8) Club rides by Ride Secretary
9) Events updates by Race Secretary
a. 2018 Hardriders
b. 2018 10m Open TT
c. 2018 Road Race – volunteers please!
d. 2018 Time Trials
10) Youth/Junior/Go-ride update by Lee Heron
11) Race squad update by Mark Boyles
12) Ride leading
13) Annual prize giving
14) Reliability rides
15) Women’s trophies
16) Marshaling/volunteering as part of membership
17) Kit order update by David Speck
18) AOB
19) Date of next meeting