Simpkins fastest, but Pete Belsey wins the Manners Cup on handicap

Banbury Star’s annual Manners Cup time trial was held in near perfect evening conditions on the Warmington/Gaydon/Warmington (B4100) 25 mile course. Always a popular event with club members, as the overall times are adjusted after a riders given handicap is applied, giving everyone the chance of a win.

Again, regular time keeper Keri Williams proved his handicapping is spot on, with the first ten club finishers all recording an adjusted time within just 2 minutes of one another over this long course. Starting from scratch was regular visitor Jon Simpkins (Drag2Zero) who set an excellent time of 56.01, only 37 seconds off his existing course record time.

However, the club battle for the Manners Cup was very close with Pete Belsey just beating Roger Foster by 20 seconds. Third, just 6 seconds further back, was Naomi de Pennington who put in an impressive performance having only just returned from a nasty injury.

Results; 1. Jon Simpkins 56.01, – all other times adjusted – 2 Pete Belsey 56.43, 3. Roger Foster 57.03, 4. Naomi de Pennington 57.09, 5. Andrew Wallwork 57.24, 6. Mark Boyles 57.57, 7. Chris Bagnall 58.05, 8. Stephen Haynes 58.16, 9. Barry Duplock, 58.22, 10. Simon Smart 58.28