TT #13 K4/30P Wednesday: the long slog

The week of the longest day is upon us so why not warm up for Thursday’s summer solstice and the ritual dawn sacrifice down at Banbury Henge by taking part in our longest club time trial, a 30 mile effort that rewards the winner with the Edmunds Cup.

It’s an earlier start than our current TTs to ensure everyone gets back well before sunset with the first rider departing at 1830 so sign-on will be between 1730-1810 and takes place at the Broughton Road farm entrance layby just after the Tadmarton Road junction. Please note there is no parking at sign-on, the best place to leave your car is either in Bloxham or Swalcliffe but please be good neighbours and park responsibly. Pushing us off will be Derrick Shepley, with Jonathan Ward and Katherine Daniels trying to keep us on course.

New for this season is the ability to register taking part on the club’s Facebook group which will have a message from Keri Williams from Tuesday onwards. Entry is £2 for club members who haven’t paid the TT supplement and £4 for non-members.

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