TT #14 K4/15 Wednesday: a couple of bumps

Our annual road race climbs up the Knowle three times as part of a 45 mile race, our weekly time trial returns once more to everyone’s favourite escarpment for a double ascent and only two laps of a shortened 7.5 mile course – easy! You can use either a road or TT bike for this event as the hilliness doesn’t allow the rider to settle into a routine for very long.

Sign-on will be from 1800 at the layby outside the National Herb Centre and the first rider will be pushed off at 1900 by the mighty arm of Keith Barcock, ably assisted by Lee Heron and Liam Fishwick.

New for this season is the ability to register taking part on the club’s Facebook group which will have a message from Keri Williams from Tuesday onwards. Entry is £2 for club members who haven’t paid the TT supplement and £4 for non-members.

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