Time trial preview for Wednesday, or will it be?

Apparently Engerland are playing Crow Asia on Moscow’s village green on Wednesday evening and there’s an ugly rumour going around that one or two club members may be backsliding, preferring to put country before club and dodge the time trial.

The committee’s attempt in asking Vlad to move the game fell on deaf ears, even when we threatened to go public with the photos of him, Donald and Kim Jong Un playing a private game of “my missile is bigger than yours”.

So we’ve approached The Powers That Be to see if we can (deep breath at this point Keri, and brace yourself) move Wednesday’s time trial to Thursday. However Theresa is somewhat pre-occupied right now and wouldn’t take the call but has delegated the decision to Thames Valley and Warwickshire’s finest who I’m waiting to hear back from.

We should know by Tuesday evening if we get the blessing or not. The course, start time, marshals etc all remain the same as does the back-up course, the only thing that changes is the date. Stay tuned for an announcement on Tuesday