Wiesand and Sleight dominate the club’s second 2up TT

The second of Banbury Star CC’s popular 2up time trials returned to the club’s normal 20km course, with a good entry of 15 teams taking part. With quite a strong evening breeze, this is one event where riding in pairs and taking your turn on the front, can be a welcome relief. The first 2up was held in early April and the majority of teams this time recorded significantly faster times.

However, when two of the season’s fastest riders, Tobias Wiesand and Henry Sleight team up together, then the result this time was probably never in doubt. They set an impressive time of 26.31, a full 3 minutes ahead of second placed father and son team, Roger and Cameron Foster. They were in turn just 11 seconds ahead of a great effort from the young mixed team of Lydia Watts and Charlie Quarterman in third.

Another mixed team, Debbie Honour and Ian Murray, finished 6th, whilst Team Cherwell’s two women’s teams, also managed a top ten finish.

Top 10 Results: 1. Tobias Wiesand/Henry Sleight 26.31, 2. Cameron and Roger Foster 29.21, 3. Lydia Watts/Charlie Quarterman 29.32, 4. Ben Heaney/Blaine Carpenter 29.55, 5. Paul Dean/Mike Hicks 32.35, 6. Debbie Honour/Ian Murray 33.06, 7. Denise Shepherd/Fay Barrington 33.10, 8. Liam Fishwick/Stuart Quick 33.19, 9. Heidi Yates/Kim Shaw 33.33, 10. Keri Williams/Dan Peabody 33.45

Special thanks to Oli Wright who took over the evening’s time keeping duties. This allowed resident time keeper Keri Williams to take part and show us all how it’s done with a top 10 finish.