Weekend rides 15/16 September

Summer holidays over 🙁

Club time trials over 🙁

Full roster of club rides planned 🙂

It’s a repeat of the 2017’s retro ride on Sunday, where riders get to show off their oldest steed and period clothing on a ride out to Epwell but if navigating a 20kg beast up some hills whilst wearing an itchy woollen jersey and sporting a handlebar moustache whilst navigating using a sextant, dividers, compass and map isn’t your thing we’ve got a few other rides to tempt you out.

Saturday 10am Gentle Cafe Ride: The 12-14mph average speed Gentle Cafe ride heads out on an anti-clockwise loop, never straying that for from Banbury for coffee and cake at The Castle at Edge Hill as part of a 25.3 mile ride which is suitable for cyclists of all levels.

Saturday 10am Intermediate Ride: The same coffee and cake stop in Edge Hill but a faster average of 15-16mph over a longer route of 32.5 miles.

Sunday Long Intermediate and Fast Rides 9am: The long intermediate and fast rides go out to Weedon Bec. You can expect an average for the former of 17mph and the latter 18mph+ over the 55 miles, as it’s a reasonably flat route the pace may, if all agree, be even higher. Neither of these rides will be stopping for coffee.

Sunday 10am Golden Age Cycles Retro Ride: The retro ride will be going out to Epwell for a stop at the Chandlers Arms pub. The average speed is likely to be between 10-14mph but is dependent on mechanicals as the riders nurse their behemoths around.

Sunday 10am Intermediate Ride: The second Sunday intermediate will meet the retro ride at Epwell. Expect 16mph average speed over the 35.1 mile ride.

All rides meet at Broadribb cycles 15 minutes before the departure time. It’s important you pick a ride that’s commensurate with your ability levels.

General information about club rides

Ride rules, protocol and small print which is important to read