Wednesday Time Trial: K4/20

This is the last Wednesday of 6.30pm starts as we move to 7pm from the 24th April onwards so everything is the same as last week. It’s the K4/20 course and we meet in Ludlow Drive, Banbury (parking responsibly as it’s a residential area) where sign-on will start from 17:30 and close at 18:10. The first rider is off at 18:30.

Cost: BSCC and TC members = £3
Non-members = £5

BSCC strongly recommend riders use a flashing rear light to improve their visibility to other road users.

More details, Garmin maps of all our TT courses and the TT calendar can be found here.

Timekeeper: Keri Williams
Pusher: Marcus Edmans
Marshals: Suzy Patience, Katherine Daniels, Team Cherwell