Downhill freewheel competition

This coming Saturday sees the one competition that’s hotly contested by those members who, shall we say, are unlikely to be challenging for a Seven Col KOM. Yes, that one single day when we FLABs get our revenge on the club’s mountain goats in the Trinders Trophy Downhill Freewheel competition.

Whilst time trialling and road racing have books of rules, our downhill freewheel competition has but one: no pedalling allowed. Aside from that anything goes and competitors can carry rucksacks full of bricks, enjoy a double helping of Reg’s Bellybuster breakfast or sport full aero/TT kit in the quest for extra coasting inches.

The two Saturday club rides will arrange to be at Hempton for just before midday on Saturday which is when the first rider begins their run with a standing start at the top of the hill. The speed picks up soon enough and is hopefully fast enough to propel the rider over a small rise and then through a series of bends before the home straight where literally crowds too numerous to count will be watching in awe.

As always, it’s not just the coveted Trinders Trophy that’s up for grabs – there’s the small matter of a year’s worth of bragging rights too.

High Noon. Hempton. Saturday. Be there.