Weekend rides 7/8 March

This weekend we have five rides planned.

Saturday 10am Gentle Cafe Ride: The 12-14mph average speed Gentle Cafe Ride is going out to Epwell and features a coffee stop at Epwell Village Hall, as part of a 24.5 mile loop.

Saturday 10am Intermediate Ride: The same coffee stop at Epwell Village Hall, but a faster average of 15-16mph over a longer route of 31 miles.

Sunday Long Intermediate and Fast Rides 9am: As there is official Spring reliability ride this year, the long intermediate and fast rides are planning to do the Spring reliability route. You can expect an average for the former of 16-17mph and the latter 17-18mph over the 61.6 miles, if all agree the pace may be even higher. Neither of these rides will be stopping for coffee.

Please note the ride will start as normal from Broadribbs and pick up the reliability route at the Broughton road roundabout.

Please could anyone joining the Sunday Long Intermediate and Fast Rides check the route on your device. As the start point of the routes have been corrected and some of the routes have been tweaked.
If conditions or weather forecast are not good the Long Intermediate and Fast Rides may revert to the below routes as they stay close to town.
BSCC032a – Charlton backup route a

BSCC032b – Charlton backup route b

Sunday 10am Intermediate Ride: The second Sunday intermediate is going to Canons Ashby with a coffee stop at Canons Ashby House Tea Room. Expect 16mph average speed over the 35.1 mile ride.

All rides meet at Broadribb cycles 15 minutes before the departure time. It’s important you pick a ride that’s commensurate with your ability levels.

General information about club rides

Ride rules, protocol and small print which is important to read