Resumption of club activities announcement

Today the Government announced a downgrading of the Covid-19 alert level from 4 to 3 which, according to their legislation, will allow a “gradual relaxation of restrictions”.

A lot of work is taking place behind the scenes by the club’s officials to prepare for the resumption of club activities and in the coming days we will be rolling out the changes that are required to comply with not just the law but also the guidance issued by British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials to whom we affiliate.

Our targets are:

Resumption of club rides: Saturday 4th July

Resumption of chain gang evenings: Monday 6th July

Resumption of club Type B time trials: Wednesday 8th July

Resumption of social nights: Thursday 9th July

Resumption of Rising Stars: TBD

Until then, no club activities will take place other than prescription deliveries and Doctor Bike sessions and no group rides are sanctioned or are to be organised in the club’s name.

Our last club ride was Saturday 14th March and the world has changed a lot since then. These changes will impact on what we can expect as a cycling club and also how we behave, there certainly won’t be a return to an “as we were” status for quite some time. These changes and what that implies for each of us will form the basis for the resumption of our activities and events and we can all start preparing for these in advance by reading these:

The British Cycling Way Forward

Cycling Time Trials Coronavirus update and in particular their Covid-19 Risk Assessment

It goes without saying the pandemic and its consequences have been far reaching into every aspect of our daily lives and by participating in upcoming club events you have a responsibility to your club mates, fellow competitors, race officials and members of the public we will encounter in ensuring you don’t pass on the virus. It is imperative that you stay at home if you or anyone you live with is isolating, displaying any Covid-19 symptoms or generally feels unwell.

It’s understandable everyone will be keen to immerse themselves into club life again, the Committee asks you to be patient, to understand the extent of the changes required by each and every one of us and then prepares in advance to diligently execute them.

Cycling is experiencing a boom in popularity and our club is regarded as one of the most progressive and community-focussed thanks to the efforts of the volunteers over the last few months who’ve helped us get national publicity and recognition. We have played a huge role in improving the public perception of cycling and cyclists and the challenge now on each and every one of us is to not just maintain that image but to work even harder on improving it. More and more members of the community have taken to their bikes and the demand for cycling is huge, we are well-placed to capitalise on that and can confidently look forward to an even better Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club.