Wiesand wins in the wind, but the girls impress

Strong swirling crosswinds made conditions challenging for the 56 riders who took part in last night’s TT. After three 10-mile TTs in as many weeks, it was back to the club’s popular K4/20 (20km/13mile) course for the first time this year.

Whilst the conditions ensured that no course records were likely to be broken this week, they did provide some close times in both the men’s and women’s categories and even a few personal bests.

Making his first appearance of the year and clearly enjoying the difficult conditions, Star rider Tobias Wiesand was fastest on the night with a time of 27.09. He was 16 seconds ahead of last week’s winner and former course record holder Jon Simpkins (Drag2Zero). In third place, a further 18 seconds back and setting a personal best, was Simon Bull, a strong Star rider, who always goes well in tough conditions. He in turn just held off visitor Simon Smith (JRC Shutt Ridley RT) by 3 seconds in fourth.

Tobias Wiesand powers to victory

Another good turn out of 15 women riders also produced some close times and some stand out performances. With two of her main competitors absent, Lydia Watts (AWOL) seemed almost certain of victory. However, Lydia invited along a friend – 16-year-old Millie Couzens (Phmas Paul Milnes Cycles) a GB triathlete – who pushed her really hard. Whilst Lydia won, with a time of 30.49, young Millie was just 14 seconds behind on 31.03. Annie Heaney (Team Cherwell) was third on 32.13, with first Star rider Denise Shepherd fourth on 32.20.

Isabella Boyles on her Banbury Star TT debut

15-year old Peggy Simpkins again impressed with a time of 37.00, but special mention must go to 12-year-old Isabella Boyles who managed an excellent 41.41 on her first club TT.

Top 12 results; 1.Tobias Wiesand: 27.09, 2.Jon Simpkins: 27.25, 3.Simon Bull: 27.43, 4.Simon Smith: 27.46, 5.Blaine Carpenter: 27.57, 6.Graham Martin: 29.15, 7.Darren Alexander: 29.18, 8.Ben Heaney: 29.24, 9.Lee Heron: 29.36, 10.Matt Norris: 29.54, 11.John Stather: 30.22, 12.Mark Davis: 30.38