Mahoney and Watts shine in the wet

The forecast for last night’s 20km. TT was always predicting rain and thunderstorms around start time and that no doubt played its part in reducing the large 54 rider entry down to 41 starters. Whilst heavy rain and lightning were present at registration, fortunately things eased a little around the 6.30pm start time, but the conditions were still both challenging and wet.

The club’s weekly Wednesday night TTs are now well known locally and continue to attract an increasing number of riders from visiting clubs. This and the increasing competitiveness of some of the club’s riders, has not only produced some fast times and close finishes, but a different winner every time. This time it was the returning Ash Mahony (Pedal Mafia) who set fastest time of the night on 27.02, beating last week’s winner and first Star rider home, Tobias Wiesand, by 22 seconds. In third place was Simon Smart (Drag2Zero) on 27.55, just 7 seconds ahead of Mark Ellis (Mercedes AMG Petronas) in fourth.

Ash Mahoney splashes his way in the murky conditions to victory (photo Toby Ng)

In the women’s category however, things remained much the same, with 20-year-old Lydia Watts (AWOL) again setting the fastest time of 31.30. Her main competitor at the moment is Star rider Naomi de Pennington and the good news is she’s gradually getting closer to Lydia. Only 14 seconds separated them this time with regular visitor Maxine Filby (Datalynx Parenesis) third on 33.09.


Isabella Boyles, chaperoned by father Mark, put in another gritty ride (photo Paul Dean)

Again, perhaps the standout performance of the night came from 12-year-old Isabella Boyles. Following up on last week’s debut club TT, she managed this time to get under the 40-minute mark, at 39.30, knocking over 2 minutes off her previous best, in far from ideal conditions.

Top 10 results: 1.Ash Mahoney: 27.02, 2.Tobias Wiesland: 27.24, 3.Simon Smart: 27.55, 4.Mark Ellis: 28.02, 5.Dan Chambers: 28.24, 6.Dan Pebody: 29.00, 7.Darren Alexander: 29.43, 8.Lee Heron: 29.53, 9.David Wilcock: 29.56, 10.Mark Davis: 30.06

Full results are now on the TT website page.