This evening’s time trial – CANCELLED

UPDATE 16:10

As promised, here’s a follow-up following a drive of the TT course.

Due to the amount of puddles, larger areas of standing water and the spray being kicked up by passing vehicles, we’ve taken the decision to cancel tonight’s time trial. Whilst we understand some of you water babies would have loved to race in these conditions we do have to think of the safety of you all and the race officials too.

To make amends, the entry for next week’s TT, the last one on the K4/20 for this year is now open:

See you next week and enjoy an evening in the dry!


It won’t have escaped your notice that the weather has taken a turn for the worse with a lot of rain falling (and due to fall in the coming hours).

There is a concern about standing water on the course which forces riders out into the middle of the road and we also have to consider the race officials who will have to stand out in miserable conditions for an hour or two.

At the moment the race is still on but our intention is to hold a pitch inspection at 4pm to see what the weather is like then. We will send another email to say if the race is on or not and also post on the club’s Facebook group and here.

Bear with us, prepare to race and look out for a 4pm update.


Paul and Keri.