Membership Management

As communicated at the AGM, one of the objectives set for 2021 was to help streamline the management of member requests and better control/store membership details.

To this end, we have switched across to MemberMojo. As renewals become due, you will start to receive emails from; please keep an eye on your Spam folders in case emails get sent there. You will not need to create an account when renewing as you can access the system with your email address and a secure token that will be dynamically created and emailed to you.

All details have been ported across to the new system.

The membership form on the website has been switched across, there will appear to be a lot more fields to complete and greater validations on the fields; apologies but this is just so we can ensure the data is correct and we can separate and control your data for GDPR reasons. If you experience any issues with the form then please let me know.

Please us this link, or follow the Membership link in the menu.

For the time being, payment will remain as a manual transfer after choosing your subscription and details will be emailed upon completion. Please select “Offline Payment” when you get to that stage.

Renewals will become available from the beginning of December for 2021, so keep an eye open for those emails…

The Membership options listed on the main screen are for new members. “First Claim Adult – Early Bird (£20)” will automatically become available to people renewing from beginning of December until the end of January.

Any issues, please let me know at