2020 Club trophy summary

For obvious reasons, we were unable to hold our usual club annual dinner and prize giving evening and had to invoke a Plan B using Zoom for the few trophies that we did compete for during the racing season.

Here’s a summary of who won what.

Broadribb Trophy

First presented in 2018, it’s the women’s equivalent of the Durran Cup and is awarded to the fastest woman at the Burton Dassett hill climb. Yet again it goes to Naomi de Pennington who equalled her club record of 1m30s set in 2019.









Broughton Cup

Presented in 1988 by ex-President Mr J Broughton and is awarded to the winner of the Hardriders Open Time Trial. We managed to squeeze this race in just before lockdown started in March with David Fellows of Solihull CC setting a blistering time of 52m dead over the 23 mile course.









Durran Cup

Presented in 1938 by Mr F L Durran. It is awarded to the winner of the club Hill Climb at Burton Dassett. Conditions were favourable as another club record was set, this time by Tobi Ng in 1m02s which is even more impressive considering this was a self-supporting start rather than being pushed.









Leiden Plaque

Awarded by the Swift cycling club in the Dutch town of Leiden after the end of World War II, it’s raced for every year by local clubs. Banbury Star emerged victorious once more in 2020. Mery looked after the trophy in 2019 and for this year we’d like the Phil Gilkes to be its custodian.









Lester Cup

Presented in 1939 by Mr H S Lester, then Mayor of Banbury. It is awarded to the winner of a 50 mile time trial. There weren’t many to chose from in 2020 but Rich Collier managed to find one, setting a time of just over 2 hours to take the silverware.









Lomas Shield

Presented in 1949 by Mr G R Lomas for the rider with the best average speed over 10, 25 and 50 miles. From 2010 it is awarded to the fastest rider over 100 miles. He’s retained the rubber ring and pack of frozen peas from winning this in 2019 and the 2020 Shield is once more awarded to Rich Collier.









Simon Smith Cup

Presented in 1989 by Mr and Mrs Smith in memory of their son, Simon, this is awarded to the fastest rider over 10 miles in any event.

For setting a time of 20m21 in an Open, Luke Norris wins the Simon Smith cup.









Stratford Cup

Presented in 1938 by the Mayor of Coventry to the club it is awarded for the club Time Trial Handicap Series, for the best 6 performances on handicap. He only had to sit on a bike in 2020 to break a new club record, setting no less than five from seven races during what was a very short season, Luke Norris wins the Stratford Cup









Thomas Best All Rounder Cup

This was presented to the club in 1947 by Dudley Thomas and is awarded to the fastest rider over 10, 25 and 50 miles.

It was a very small field of entries this year but we did get a winner and that’s Rich Collier once more.









Thomas Veterans Cup

Presented on 1989 by Mrs Vi Thomas and awarded to the best veteran on Standard over 10, 25 and 50 miles.

Apparently he’s been busy building an extension. Whether it’s to a house or to his mantelpiece it doesn’t say here but for his efforts in 2020 once again Rich Collier takes the Cup.









President’s Trophy

This is the hardest trophy to decide because it’s not awarded for the time on a stopwatch or some great feat that takes place out on the road in racing conditions, rather it’s given to the member who has made an outstanding contribution to the club in the last year and as always there are multiple contenders to consider.

This rather impressively sharp trophy is awarded to the person who has led many, many Saturday rides over the last few years and in doing so helped turn new riders into full members. He has also recently taken over the Membership Secretary role and is doing great work with that and also on the recent tidying up exercise of the club’s Constitution and that person is of course Andy Perry, congratulations!