Zwift Event 1 Result

Well, what a great night that was! 26 brave souls headed to Richmond to take on the 2015 UCI course with some spectacular times being set over the 10 mile route. Here are the raw times for the event followed by the results once the handicap had been applied.

Congratulations to Luke Norris for the fast time and Simon Leech for winning on Handicap.

Raw Results for Event 1

Luke NorrisFast0:24:51
Simon BullFast0:24:59
Naomi De PenningtonFast0:25:31
Adam ParleFast0:25:37
Tobi NgFast0:25:50
Graham MartinFast0:25:50
Simon LeechInt0:26:08
Matt SleathInt0:27:12
Steve GoddardFast0:27:21
Mark DavisFast0:27:22
Johnathan PapeInt0:27:31
William MorganInt0:28:01
Richard BetteridgeInt0:28:30
Josh LovellInt0:28:44
Mike GillettInt0:29:10
Tony HeadInt0:29:18
Ila PearsonInt0:29:50
Andy PerryGCR0:30:03
Heidi YatesInt0:31:22
Simon BinghamInt0:32:05
Isobel GillottInt0:32:34
Paul NeedleInt0:33:13
Katherine DanielsGCR0:36:02
Hayley HollandGCR0:36:11
Basil ChurchyardInt1:00:00

Handicap Results for Event 1

Simon LeechInt0:26:080:03:000:23:085
Matt SleathInt0:27:120:03:000:24:124
Johnathan PapeInt0:27:310:03:000:24:313
Luke NorrisFast0:24:510:00:000:24:512
Simon BullFast0:24:590:00:000:24:591
William MorganInt0:28:010:03:000:25:011
Andy PerryGCR0:30:030:05:000:25:031
Richard BetteridgeInt0:28:300:03:000:25:301
Naomi De PenningtonFast0:25:310:00:000:25:311
Adam ParleFast0:25:370:00:000:25:371
Josh LovellInt0:28:440:03:000:25:441
Tobi NgFast0:25:500:00:000:25:501
Graham MartinFast0:25:500:00:000:25:501
Mike GillettInt0:29:100:03:000:26:101
Tony HeadInt0:29:180:03:000:26:181
Ila PearsonInt0:29:500:03:000:26:501
Steve GoddardFast0:27:210:00:000:27:211
Mark DavisFast0:27:220:00:000:27:221
Heidi YatesInt0:31:220:03:000:28:221
Simon BinghamInt0:32:050:03:000:29:051
Isobel GillottInt0:32:340:03:000:29:341
Paul NeedleInt0:33:130:03:000:30:131
Katherine DanielsGCR0:36:020:05:000:31:021
Hayley HollandGCR0:36:110:05:000:31:111
Basil ChurchyardInt1:00:000:03:001

Here is the
League Table after Event 1