Zwift Event 2 Results

That hurt, that hurt a lot! 1 Hour around Tempus Fugit for as far as you can go; seems so simple!

I’ll start with an apology. Zwift Meetup with Race Results doesn’t show total distance for the 60 minutes of the events. I have had to harvest the data from individual zwift activities and all recorded more than 1 hour. I have had to average the time and distance to calculate the final distance. If yours is not correct, please let me know and I’ll look at adjusting.

Here are the raw Distances for the event followed by the results once the handicap had been applied.

Congratulations to Simon Bull for the furthest distance and Will Morgan for winning on Handicap.

Raw Results for Event 2

Simon BullFast43.40
Skip SnelsonFast43.40
Adam ParleFast42.40
Johnathan PapeInt42.10
William MorganInt42.00
Mark DavisFast41.70
Simon LeechInt40.43
Graham MartinFast40.31
Matt NorrisFast40.30
Steve GoddardFast40.30
Josh LovellInt40.10
Ila PearsonInt40.10
Heidi YatesInt40.10
Rob PaulInt40.10
Richard BetteridgeInt40.00
Basil ChurchyardInt40.00
Andy PerryGCR36.91
Chris TunstallInt36.90
Paul NeedleInt36.90
Isobel GillottInt36.30
Simon BinghamInt35.50
Ross DonovanInt34.20
Katherine DanielsGCR32.20
Hayley HollandGCR27.40

Handicap Results for Event 2

Johnathan PapeInt42.10345.105
William MorganInt42.00345.004
Simon LeechInt40.43343.433
Simon BullFast43.40043.402
Skip SnelsonFast43.40043.401
Josh LovellInt40.10343.101
Ila PearsonInt40.10343.101
Heidi YatesInt40.10343.101
Rob PaulInt40.10343.101
Richard BetteridgeInt40.00343.001
Basil ChurchyardInt40.00343.001
Andy PerryGCR36.91642.911
Adam ParleFast42.40042.401
Mark DavisFast41.70041.701
Graham MartinFast40.31040.311
Matt NorrisFast40.30040.301
Steve GoddardFast40.30040.301
Chris TunstallInt36.90339.901
Paul NeedleInt36.90339.901
Isobel GillottInt36.30339.301
Simon BinghamInt35.50338.501
Katherine DanielsGCR32.20638.201
Ross DonovanInt34.20337.201
Hayley HollandGCR27.40633.401

Here is the
League Table after Event 2