Zwift Weekend Rides 6/7 Feb

Whilst we are not able to arrange and ride in groups outside, we will be maintaining an indoor range of rides to keep the legs turning over, I know it’s not the same, but sure beats sitting on the sofa, right!!

We have also started using Facebook Rooms rather than zoom to video chat whilst riding and so that non-zwifters can still join in and pedal with us. Facebook Room details will be published on the event on Facebook and the Website event. You wont need to be a Facebook user to enter the room.

Each ride will use the Zwift Meetup with “Everyone stays together” function. This means you can work has hard as you like (or not) and everyone will stay together.

If you would like to join in on Zwift, please ensure you follow “Andy Perry BSCC/BCCEN”

Saturday Gentle No Cafe Ride. 10am: Rolling route around Yorkshire for just under 30km with a couple of little bumps Zwift Route for information




Sunday Zwift Badge Hunting Ride, 09:30: Each route on Zwift has a badge you can collect the first time you ride it. Some of the longer and harder ones are best done with a group.
This week we have a trundle around the French countryside with and ascent of Petit KOM to stretch the legs. We will stop for refreshments about half way. Expect the ride to take approximately 2.5 hours Zwift Route for information


For anyone not familiar with Zwift, here is a handy guide