Event 3 Results

Well, what a great route. Could you imagine having to do that at the end of 200km like the pro’s do! 27 took the start and raced around Innsbruck on the 2018 UCI short course with some spectacular times being set and a tough race up front for our 3 fastest riders separated by 17 seconds at the finish. Putting a 7.4km climb in the middle helped mix the riders around a little from previous events. It’s shorter and flatter next week

Here are the raw times for the event followed by the results once the handicap had been applied.

Congratulations to Skip Snelson for the fast time and Josh Lovell for winning on Handicap. Sympathies to Johnathan Pape who’s Zwift crashed part way up the climb

Raw Results for Event 3

Mike Gillett
Skip SnelsonFast0:40:34
Luke NorrisFast0:40:46
Simon BullFast0:40:51
Josh LovellInt0:44:31
Graham MartinFast0:44:31
Simon LeechFast0:44:32
Naomi De PenningtonFast0:44:35
William MorganFast0:45:57
Adam ParleFast0:46:16
Steve GoddardFast0:47:21
Tobi NgFast0:47:26
Matt NorrisFast0:48:45
Basil ChurchyardInt0:49:34
Richard BetteridgeInt0:50:51
Heidi YatesInt0:51:36
Ila PearsonInt0:52:01
Rob PaulInt0:52:16
Simon BinghamInt0:53:33
Isobel GillottInt0:53:48
Mike GillettInt0:58:27
Paul NeedleInt0:58:31
Andy PerryInt1:00:01
Chris TunstallInt1:04:34
Katherine DanielsGCR1:06:00
Claire StratfordGCR1:14:03
Rhys MartinGCR1:17:42

Handicap Results for Event 3

Mike Gillett
Josh LovellInt0:44:310:06:000:38:315
Skip SnelsonFast0:40:340:00:000:40:344
Luke NorrisFast0:40:460:00:000:40:463
Simon BullFast0:40:510:00:000:40:512
Basil ChurchyardInt0:49:340:06:000:43:341
Graham MartinFast0:44:310:00:000:44:311
Simon LeechFast0:44:320:00:000:44:321
Naomi De PenningtonFast0:44:350:00:000:44:351
Richard BetteridgeInt0:50:510:06:000:44:511
Heidi YatesInt0:51:360:06:000:45:361
William MorganFast0:45:570:00:000:45:571
Ila PearsonInt0:52:010:06:000:46:011
Adam ParleFast0:46:160:00:000:46:161
Rob PaulInt0:52:160:06:000:46:161
Steve GoddardFast0:47:210:00:000:47:211
Tobi NgFast0:47:260:00:000:47:261
Simon BinghamInt0:53:330:06:000:47:331
Isobel GillottInt0:53:480:06:000:47:481
Katherine DanielsGCR1:06:000:18:000:48:001
Matt NorrisFast0:48:450:00:000:48:451
Mike GillettInt0:58:270:06:000:52:271
Paul NeedleInt0:58:310:06:000:52:311
Andy PerryInt1:00:010:06:000:54:011
Claire StratfordGCR1:14:030:18:000:56:031
Chris TunstallInt1:04:340:06:000:58:341
Rhys MartinGCR1:17:420:18:000:59:421

Here is the
League Table after Event 3. The top of the table is starting to close up with 2 events to go, and one of those is a mountain!