Event 4 Results

Some awesome racing tonight, top 3 covered by 5 seconds and next 7 covered by a further 5 seconds!

Here are the raw times for the event followed by the results once the handicap had been applied.

Congratulations to Rhys James for the fast time and Rich Baker for pinching it on Handicap. Ride of the night goes to Heidi Yates who had to get off the bike and tend to an injured child, get back on and still posted a very competitive time!

Raw Results for Event 4

Rhys JamesFast0:21:46
Skip SnelsonFast0:21:48
Simon BullFast0:21:51
Adam ParleFast0:22:49
Graham MartinFast0:22:50
Simon LeechFast0:22:51
Andrew MorrisFast0:22:51
Josh LovellFast0:22:52
William MorganFast0:22:53
Mark DavisFast0:22:54
Steve GoddardFast0:23:56
Johnathan PapeFast0:25:17
Rich BakerInt0:26:07
Richard BetteridgeInt0:26:14
Rob PaulInt0:26:16
Simon BinghamInt0:26:59
Mike GillettInt0:27:03
Andy PerryInt0:27:24
Isobel GillottInt0:27:24
Paul NeedleInt0:27:45
Tony HeadInt0:28:01
Heidi YatesInt0:29:50
Chris TunstallInt0:30:32
Claire StratfordGCR0:35:13

Handicap Results for Event 4

Rich BakerInt0:26:070:04:300:21:375
Richard BetteridgeInt0:26:140:04:300:21:444
Rob PaulInt0:26:160:04:300:21:463
Rhys JamesFast0:21:460:00:000:21:462
Skip SnelsonFast0:21:480:00:000:21:481
Simon BullFast0:21:510:00:000:21:511
Simon BinghamInt0:26:590:04:300:22:291
Mike GillettInt0:27:030:04:300:22:331
Adam ParleFast0:22:490:00:000:22:491
Graham MartinFast0:22:500:00:000:22:501
Simon LeechFast0:22:510:00:000:22:511
Andrew MorrisFast0:22:510:00:000:22:511
Josh LovellFast0:22:520:00:000:22:521
William MorganFast0:22:530:00:000:22:531
Andy PerryInt0:27:240:04:300:22:541
Isobel GillottInt0:27:240:04:300:22:541
Mark DavisFast0:22:540:00:000:22:541
Claire StratfordGCR0:35:130:12:000:23:131
Paul NeedleInt0:27:450:04:300:23:151
Tony HeadInt0:28:010:04:300:23:311
Steve GoddardFast0:23:560:00:000:23:561
Johnathan PapeFast0:25:170:00:000:25:171
Heidi YatesInt0:29:500:04:300:25:201
Chris TunstallInt0:30:320:04:300:26:021

Here is the
League Table after Event 4. The top of the table is starting to close up with 1 event to go and anyone down to 7th could still pinch this! Bring on the mountain!