BSCC 5 Stage Event – Final Results

WOW! What a series and some seriously fast times across the different stages. Congratulations to everyone who took part. A total of 37 riders participated in at least 1 stage with 11 riding all 5 stages. The points have been spread around amongst all the categories and the handicaps have certainly brought everyone within reach.

As a reminder, here are the winners from each stage
Stage 1 Luke Norris for fastest time and Simon Leech on Handicap

Stage 2 Simon Bull and Skip Nelson for furthest distance and Jonathan Pape on Handicap

Stage 3 Skip Snelson for fastest time and Josh Lovell on Handicap

Stage 4 Rhys James for fastest time and Rich Baker on Handicap

Stage 5 Josh Newbould for fastest time and on Handicap as well

But what you are most interested in, who won overall?

Johnathan Pape and Richard Betteridge both tied on 11 points with Simon Leech coming on 1 behind, having had to miss the final event due to work. The honours and title for the forst BSCC 5 Stage event on countback is Johnathan Pape.


1Johnathan Pape115
2Richard Betteridge115
3Simon Leech104
4Josh Lovell95
5William Morgan85
6Simon Bull64
7Heidi Yates65
8Rob Paul64
9Skip Snelson63
10Andy Perry55
11Simon Bingham55
12Luke Norris52
13Tobi Ng53
14Adam Parle55
15Paul Needle55
16Isobel Gillott55
17Graham Martin55
18Rich Baker51
19Josh Newbould51
20Katherine Daniels44
21Matt Sleath41
22Mike Gillett44
23Steve Goddard44
24Basil Churchyard44
25Rhys Martin44
26Hayley Holland33
27Ila Pearson33
28Mark Davis33
29Chris Tunstall33
30Claire Stratford33
31Tony Head22
32Naomi De Pennington22
33Matt Norris22
34Andrew Morris22
35Rhys James21
36Ross Donovan11