Event 5 Results

What a way to finish the series, final stage up Alpe du Zwift and a brutal race! A reduced field from the other events was to be expected being Sunday AND Valentines day, but 21 romantics still gathered at the start line!

Here are the raw times for the event followed by the results once the handicap had been applied.

Congratulations to James Newbould for the fast time and pipping Richard Betteridge on handicap as well.

Raw Results for Event 5

Josh NewbouldFast0:53:11
Tobi NgFast0:55:28
Josh LovellFast0:58:44
Graham MartinFast1:03:29
Sian MarshFast1:04:21
Adam ParleFast1:04:33
Andrew MorrisFast1:04:33
William MorganFast1:04:45
Johnathan PapeFast1:07:45
Richard BetteridgeInt1:13:59
Heidi YatesInt1:15:53
Simon BinghamInt1:16:17
Rob PaulInt1:18:26
Isobel GillottInt1:20:51
Paul NeedleInt1:24:48
Basil ChurchyardInt1:27:26
Andy PerryInt1:32:10
Katherine DanielsGCR1:43:00
Claire StratfordGCR1:47:42
Hayley HollandGCR1:58:25

Handicap Results for Event 5

Josh NewbouldFast0:53:110:00:000:53:115
Richard BetteridgeInt1:13:590:20:000:53:594
Tobi NgFast0:55:280:00:000:55:283
Heidi YatesInt1:15:530:20:000:55:532
Simon BinghamInt1:16:170:20:000:56:171
Katherine DanielsGCR1:43:000:45:000:58:001
Rob PaulInt1:18:260:20:000:58:261
Josh LovellFast0:58:440:00:000:58:441
Isobel GillottInt1:20:510:20:001:00:511
Claire StratfordGCR1:47:420:45:001:02:421
Graham MartinFast1:03:290:00:001:03:291
Sian MarshFast1:04:210:00:001:04:211
Adam ParleFast1:04:330:00:001:04:331
Andrew MorrisFast1:04:330:00:001:04:331
William MorganFast1:04:450:00:001:04:451
Paul NeedleInt1:24:480:20:001:04:481
Basil ChurchyardInt1:27:260:20:001:07:261
Johnathan PapeFast1:07:450:00:001:07:451
Andy PerryInt1:32:100:20:001:12:101
Hayley HollandGCR1:58:250:45:001:13:251