2021-02-25 Race Result

Definitely getting used to the groups and using the draft wisely, if you can hop onto a faster group and cling to the draft the points will come rolling in! Just need to remember you are racing to your own finish line, not a single finish point for everyone.

Here are the raw times for the event followed by the results once the handicap had been applied.


Congratulations to Skip Snelson for the fastest time and Basil Churchyard winning on handicap.

Raw Results for 25th Feb

Skip SnelsonCat A0:25:06
Josh LovellCat B0:25:07
Ruben SnelsonCat B0:25:08
Mark DavisCat B0:25:09
Adam ParleCat B0:25:09
Steve GoddardCat B0:25:11
Ben HeaneyCat B0:25:15
Andy MorrisCat B0:25:15
William MorganCat B0:26:44
Richard BetteridgeCat C0:26:44
Basil ChurchyardCat C0:26:44
Kevin MelbourneCat D0:28:40
Andy PerryCat D0:28:41
Dave PittmanCat D0:28:41
Heidi YatesCat C0:28:41
Paul NeedleCat D0:28:42
Isobel GillottCat D0:28:46
Katherine DanielsCat E0:28:50
Simon BinghamCat C0:29:11
Simon FurneauxCat E0:31:36

Overall Handicap Results and Point allocations

Richard BetteridgeCat C0:26:440:02:300:24:1425
Basil ChurchyardCat C0:26:440:02:300:24:1425
Josh LovellCat B0:25:070:00:200:24:4715
Ruben SnelsonCat B0:25:080:00:200:24:4812
Mark DavisCat B0:25:090:00:200:24:4910
Adam ParleCat B0:25:090:00:200:24:498
Katherine DanielsCat E0:28:500:04:000:24:506
Steve GoddardCat B0:25:110:00:200:24:514
Ben HeaneyCat B0:25:150:00:200:24:552
Andy MorrisCat B0:25:150:00:200:24:551
Skip SnelsonCat A0:25:060:00:000:25:061
Kevin MelbourneCat D0:28:400:03:000:25:401
Andy PerryCat D0:28:410:03:000:25:411
Dave PittmanCat D0:28:410:03:000:25:411
Paul NeedleCat D0:28:420:03:000:25:421
Isobel GillottCat D0:28:460:03:000:25:461
Heidi YatesCat C0:28:410:02:300:26:111
William MorganCat B0:26:440:00:200:26:241
Simon BinghamCat C0:29:110:02:300:26:411
Simon FurneauxCat E0:31:360:04:000:27:361

Handicap League Table

1Mark DavisCat B775
2Richard BetteridgeCat C635
3Adam ParleCat B565
4Steve GoddardCat B445
5Basil ChurchyardCat C393
6Josh LovellCat B343
7Ruben SnelsonCat B334
8Skip SnelsonCat A262
9Paul NeedleCat D224
10David BullCat C212
11Graham MartinCat B192
12Simon LeechCat B162
13Andy PerryCat D155
14Brad TierneyCat B132
15Ben HeaneyCat B102
16Kevin MelbourneCat D95
17Katherine DanielsCat E83
18Rhys JamesCat A81
19Dan HCat B81
20William MorganCat B65
21Simon BinghamCat C55
22Isobel GillottCat D55
23Chris TunstallCat D33
24Heidi YatesCat C33
25Rhys MartinCat E22
26Rob PaulCat C22
27Tony HeadCat C22
28Josh NewbouldCat A21

Point Allocations by Category

Skip SnelsonCat A0:25:060:00:000:25:0625
Josh LovellCat B0:25:070:00:200:24:4725
Ruben SnelsonCat B0:25:080:00:200:24:4818
Mark DavisCat B0:25:090:00:200:24:4915
Adam ParleCat B0:25:090:00:200:24:4912
Steve GoddardCat B0:25:110:00:200:24:5110
Ben HeaneyCat B0:25:150:00:200:24:558
Andy MorrisCat B0:25:150:00:200:24:556
William MorganCat B0:26:440:00:200:26:244
Richard BetteridgeCat C0:26:440:02:300:24:1425
Basil ChurchyardCat C0:26:440:02:300:24:1425
Heidi YatesCat C0:28:410:02:300:26:1115
Simon BinghamCat C0:29:110:02:300:26:4112
Kevin MelbourneCat D0:28:400:03:000:25:4025
Andy PerryCat D0:28:410:03:000:25:4118
Dave PittmanCat D0:28:410:03:000:25:4115
Paul NeedleCat D0:28:420:03:000:25:4212
Isobel GillottCat D0:28:460:03:000:25:4610
Katherine DanielsCat E0:28:500:04:000:24:5025
Simon FurneauxCat E0:31:360:04:000:27:3618

Category League Table

1Skip SnelsonCat A502
2Rhys JamesCat A251
3Simon BullCat A181
4Josh NewbouldCat A181
5Matt AdamsCat A151
6Mark DavisCat B915
7Adam ParleCat B725
8Steve GoddardCat B585
9Josh LovellCat B563
10Ruben SnelsonCat B464
11William MorganCat B325
12Graham MartinCat B272
13Ben HeaneyCat B262
14Brad TierneyCat B232
15Simon LeechCat B202
16Dan HCat B101
17Johnathan PapeCat B81
18Andy MorrisCat B61
19Richard BetteridgeCat C1155
20Simon BinghamCat C695
21Basil ChurchyardCat C613
22David BullCat C432
23Heidi YatesCat C403
24Rob PaulCat C212
25Tony HeadCat C162
26Chris BondCat C81
27Kevin MelbourneCat D1015
28Andy PerryCat D955