Ash Mahoney wins Athletes TT with only sub 30 minute time

At last, some slightly warmer weather, dry conditions and a light breeze greeted the 55 riders who turned out for the annual Athletes TT on the club’s K4/20 – 20km/13mile course. This is a popular fun event, where all TT spec bikes and aero aids are banned. Riders can still compete on their TT bikes if they wish, but 75% of the field elected this time, including all of the front runners, to get out their normal road bikes for the night.

How much of a difference in time does it make? Comparing the times of our regular top 5 riders so far this season, the answer is around just over 2 minutes for our 20km course. Normally now our fastest ten or twelve riders will get under 30 minutes on the K4/20 course, but this time only one rider just got under that time.

Top marks to Stuart Quick who peddled this single speed folding bike around the course in 45m.53s.

That rider was Ash Mahoney, who put in a great ride to stop the clock at 29m.58s. Just 16 seconds further back was the very strong Simon Bull on 30m.14s – in his case, only 1m.18s. slower than his average TT bike time. Mark Ellis made up the top three, with a time of 30m.20s. Special mention to two riders who really entered into the spirit of the event – race secretary Mark Boyles, who turned out on his classic Bianchi fixed wheel bike and in particular Stuart Quick who rode a single speed folding bike.

Another good entry of 15 women riders took part and even when they transfer to normal bikes the competition between Naomi de Pennington and Lydia Watts is just as close. Naomi just came out the winner on 32m.34s., with Lydia only 2 seconds behind. Annie Heaney (Team Cherwell) was third on 33m.38s.

Fastest of the few on TT bikes was Henry Sleight on 28m.21s., while fastest woman was Suzy Patience on 33m.24s.

Top 10 overall results; 1. Ash Mahoney 29.58, 2. Simon Bull 30.14, 3. Mark Ellis 30.20, 4. Jon Simpkins 30.46, 5. Jamie Chatfield 30.53, 6. Ant Harriss 30.56, 7. Graham Martin 31.15, 8. Simon Caunt 31.25, 9. Blaine Carpenter 31.42, 10. Lee Heron 31.45