Weekend TT roundup

Last weekend was a busy one for many members, with club rides enjoying further lockdown easing and a good turnout of help and support at our annual road races. Add to this, several members were busy time trialling at two Open events.

On Saturday, Race Secretary Mark Boyles raced the K48 10-mile TT near Stafford. The funny thing is, when initially booking it, he thought it was a local K course near Stratford, but it was actually in Stafford, some hour and 40 minutes away. The course was part dual carriageway, but was extremely rough and hilly. Mark said, it made our roads look like a snooker table. He completed the course in 25.08

On Sunday, four club members; Rich Collier, Lee Heron, Mike Kirby and Ant Harriss made the trip south to the High Wycombe Cycling Club’s Open 25-mile TT. Although a chilly ride, the wind was favourable in being rather benign compared to recent events and did not play a major role in the out and back route along the A404 and A4.

The morning was however quite eventful, with Rich mis-judging the amount of time required to get to the start. He ended up arriving approx. 90 seconds after his start time and therefore incurred an added a time penalty. Also handicapped was Lee Heron, who had a major scare while travelling at over 30 mph, when his bike hit a rut and the back wheel dropped out of the frame and seized completely. This required him to stop, reattach the wheel with a badly damaged tyre (through to the canvas), and then finish the final couple of miles.

All four finished though, with Ant fastest on 54.20, Lee 57.23, Rich 1.00.22 (incl. penalty) and Mike 1.02.27