Carpenter fastest, but Dan Pebody claims the Russell Memorial Bowl

The combination of another return to the toughest local course and the night of England’s appearance in the Euro 2020 football semi-finals, made for a rather depleted field for the club’s Wednesday night TT.

The Russell Memorial Bowl is normally run on the club’s 25-mile course, but ongoing roadworks meant another return to the 23-mile Hardriders reserve course, with its steep return climb up Sunrising hill. At least the weather was again favourable for the evening event, after a day that threatened many showers.

It might be a tough event, but it didn’t deter two of our younger juniors, Isabella Boyles and Poppy Kisley, again giving this longer distance TT a go. Isabella managed a time of 1.16.45, while slightly older Poppy, knocked an amazing 9 minutes off her previous time for this course, finishing in 1.12.47, a new U16 record.

Poppy Kisley, like all the club’s juniors, just keeps going faster – photo Paul Dean

Only two other females competed, with Naomi de Pennington coming within 30 seconds of her outright record, with a time of 58.57, putting her fifth overall. A great ride by Jill McKinnon placed her in the top 10, with a time of 1.04.51.

Fastest rider on the night was Blaine Carpenter on 55.34, but the first club member home and winner of the Russell Memorial Bowl, was second placed Dan Pebody on 56.44. Interestingly, whilst most riders on the night set slower times than before, these two riders made big improvements. In third place was Darren Alexander (Team Cherwell), with the ever-improving Steve Goddard in fourth.

Russell Memorial Bowl winner Dan Pebody climbs Sunrising Hill – photo Paul Dean

Top 10 results; 1. Blaine Carpenter 55.34, 2. Dan Pebody 56.44, 3. Darren Alexander 56.51, 4. Steve Goddard 57.34, 5. Naomi de Pennington 58.57, 6. Lee Heron 59.49, 7. Nick de Pennington 1.01.28,  8. Ed Anderson 1.01.35, 9. Graham Wilcock 1.01.38, 10. Jill McKinnon 1.04.51