Sleight climbs to victory on a hot night

On one of the warmest evenings so far this season, the club paid its second visit to the Hilly 15, K4/15 course, with its two ascents of the infamous Edge Hill. The climb does offer some shade, but on a muggy night with no wind, this made little difference and the encouragement of a small band of spectators was the only bonus.

Yet despite the heat, ever improving 13-year-old Bella Boyles, managed to break the U16 record with a time of 49.55 – a quite remarkable achievement for someone so young. Another junior, Poppy Kisley, also took up the challenge of Edge Hill with a time of 52.03.

How long before Bella beats her Dad? – photo Simon Furneaux

Last time out on this course, Naomi de Pennington set a new women’s record of 41.01, so given the conditions her winning women’s time of 41.34 was another great effort. This put her 6th overall and over two minutes ahead of her nearest rival Annie Heaney (Team Cherwell) on 44.01, while Kim Shaw, also Team Cherwell, finished third on 47.47.

In the men’s and overall category, the fastest rider on the night was Henry Sleight (Team Cherwell) with a time of 37.26. This time was incidentally 2 seconds quicker than June’s winner on the course, Jon Simpkins. Blaine Carpenter was second on 38.59, with Ben Heaney (Team Cherwell) third on 39.39. First club member home in fourth place was Graham Martin on 39.45.

 Henry Sleight shows the the effort of winning – photo Simon Furneaux

The times given below show the time of the first lap in brackets and as would be expected the second lap is almost always the slower. However, a quick glance at the times will reveal that 9th placed Simon Leech had his pacing down to perfection, with virtually identical times for both laps.

Top 10 results; 1. Henry Sleight 37.26 (18.43), 2. Blaine Carpenter 38.59 (19.10), 3. Ben Heaney 39.39 (19.27), 4. Graham Martin 39.45 (19.51), 5. Dan Pebody 40.05 (19.58), 6. Nay de Pennington 41.34 (20.36), 7. Ed Anderson 41.48 (20.32), 8. Lee Heron 42.34 (21.01), 9. Simon Leech 42.41 (21.21), 10. Josh Lovell 42.47 (21.06)